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Saturday, January 11, 2003  

“Nude women protest war again” -- an article from January 2nd about women getting together to make a statement for peace, in the nude. Great way of making a statement, and these woman know how to attract the media! (perhaps some organizations can get some ideas on publicity from these women -- too often, good organizations just don't know how to get their messages out because the media finds them too boring). The article and a great picture of women spelling out "peace" naked are here.

Some lines from the article:

Seeking to "reinvigorate the buzz across the country" from its first photo of women spelling "Peace" with their naked bodies, organizer Donna Sheehan and her group, Unreasonable Women Baring Witness, staged a second, much larger nude peace protest and photo shoot near Point Reyes Station on Sunday. ..

"It was automatic," said local singer and Point Reyes Station resident Rhiannon of camaraderie after the protest photo. "We all ran into the cold, glorious water. It was a great moment. We were washing each other off – The whole thing was very body, very human, very physical. And at the same time, we felt we were doing the best we can to represent the humans who don’t want to go to war."

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