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Thursday, February 06, 2003  

Wow, when it comes to the legality of medical marijuana, our court systems seem to suffering from a bout of dissociative identity disorder. Take the case of Ed Rosenthal, who, as an officer of the City, grew a little weed in Oakland, California to distribute to the Bay area's medical marijuana clubs. Too bad, his jury wasn't allowed to be told during the trial that he was doing his job. Because the judge decided that the Cali law meant squat in a federal trial, his poor confused jury convicted him . And now, upon discovering the truth they're chewing their hair out over their "horrible mistake" and are trying to get him a new trial. Who want's to bet this is gonna go to the Supreme Court??

An update on 6/5/03: Well, the jury begged for leniency, and surprise, surprise-the judge listened. Mr Rosenthal was sentenced to one day of jail and a $1000 in fines. Now this felon is on his way towards battling the feds to make all marijuana-medicinal and recreational-100% legal, while continuing to appeal his case in the courts. We'll see what happens...

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