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Friday, May 09, 2003  

BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM bends it into top 10!

"Gurinder Chadha's long-running hit comedy Bend It Like Beckham reached a major industry milestone over the weekend of May 2-4 by entering the North American Top 10 in its eighth frame of release. With an estimated $1.46 million in ticket sales, the Fox Searchlight film finished the weekend box office race in the number nine spot... While all other films in the Top 10 played in over one thousand theaters each, "Beckham" remained in limited release screening in only 484 locations. The distributor added 63 new theaters to the run over the weekend and will expand to more than 500 sites on Friday, May 9. Since its March 12 opening, the PG-13 film has played in a combination of arthouse cinemas and commercial multiplexes and has grossed $11 million making it the year's highest-grossing limited-release film." Yay! Any comments on the movie?

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