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"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any." :: Alice Walker ::
Thursday, July 24, 2003  

Guess who I saw tonight?

After a long day at work, my dear friend Erica and I got tickets, and headed out to Wolftrap, a fabulous national park that also has an amphitheater, in northern VA. Man, sometimes I don't realize how much music is a part of my life, and how happy it makes me feel. Tracy Chapman lifted me up, and really moved me with her music. Her sounds are from the heart and from the stories of the downtrodden but hopeful. Her music is very different from Ani Difranco's, but both of them really know how to write and sing "love songs" and what I like to call "tell it like it is" songs. Also, the Filene Center of Wolftrap, where the concert was held, is so beautiful and added to the ambience of the evening -- it's made completely of Douglas Fir and Southern Yellow Pine wood, and has a roof but is open to the lawns and trees on the sides. The center is housed in the middle of Wolftrap National Park, and Tracy Chapman said she was so happy to be there because she could walk from soundcheck (before the show started) to the brook and the trees and "enjoy the insects". I haven't heard the album "Crossroads" and she sang some songs from it -- thought i'd share some lyrics from one of the tracks on it:


People say it doesn't exist
'Cause no one would like to admit
That there is a city underground
Where people live everyday
Off the waste and decay
Off the discards of their fellow man

Here in subcity life is hard
We can't receive any government relief
I'd like to please give Mr. President my honest regards
For disregarding me

They say there's too much crime in these city streets
My sentiments exactly
Government and big business hold the purse strings
When I worked I worked in the factories
I'm at the mercy of the world
I guess I'm lucky to be alive

They say we've fallen through the cracks
They say the system works
But we won't let it
I guess they never stop to think
We might not just want handouts
But a way to make an honest living
Living this ain't living

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