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Saturday, July 26, 2003  

Harm Reduction in NJ!

In the US, New Jersey has the 5th highest rate of adult HIV, the 3rd highest rate of pediatric HIV, one of the highest rates of HIV among women, and more than 22,000 of NJ children have lost their parents to AIDS. If you're from NJ, please check out the Drug Policy Alliance Action Center and send a message to support Assembly Bill 3645 which allows for the sale of syringes in pharmacies without a prescription, and removes syringes from the state’s drug paraphernalia law so they can be provided to injection drug users by doctors and other public health professionals. By doing this the hands of New Jersey’s doctors and public health professionals will be untied so they can implement effective strategies to prevent injection-related HIV and hepatitis. This will cost New Jersey nothing and save thousands of lives, and millions of dollars in medical costs. Sign up to join the Personal Action Center of the DPA Action Center and you can add a personal message to the letter that is sent on to NJ state legislators.

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