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Friday, July 25, 2003  

The next G-8 summit will be held in Georgia in June 2004, states the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Some "unbiased" reporting: "The three-day event will bring together the leaders of the world's eight major industrial democracies, diplomatic missions from dozens of other nations, thousands of journalists, and probably thousands of protesters with an international reputation for violence." (WHAT? THIS is how protestors are portrayed?)

"The Department of Homeland Security will designate the summit a special security event, which makes available the most sophisticated intelligence and security assets the country has to offer..." (Warning to protestors -- BIG brother will be watching. It's great that the billions of dollars we put into this department are being used to spy on and "control" protestors).

"Over the last few years, the economic summits have drawn demonstrators who view the G-8 as a political body whose members develop world policies at the expense of poorer nations..." (and we must continue to freely develop world policies at the expense of poorer nations, so the meeting is being held where protestors cannot even voice their opinions -- see picture of Sea Island)

"...the G-8 has become the fireside council meeting of the global village and a vehicle for the American president to put his priorities before his international counterparts." Sounds like a true global village to me. There's a forum on the paper's website for thoughts on the summit being held in Georgia. Some interesting comments below:

--> "Can't wait to see the protestors use violence as a form of 'free speech'."
--> "Unlike many sites previously chosen for the G8 Conferences, this feature should make 'crowd control' [read that as anarchists/protestors/people with nothing better to do] somewhat less complicated."

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