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Wednesday, July 02, 2003  

Touch me and I'll take your military money away

Americans probably don't even realize to what lengths their government goes to bat for them, even when we commit a booboo. Let's say for example, I was feeling a little bored so I hopped on a plane, went to another country and incited um, mass violence and genocide. Some might think that I ought to be prosecuted by an international court or something silly like that. Luckily however, as I'm an American citizen I don't have to worry about such annoying repercussions. Because if any country tries to prosecute me, my government will sanction them. So far 35 countries, including 6 seeking NATO membership will be denied further military aid on this basis, with almost 50 nations declared ineligible for military assistance altogether. After all it would be unfair to let those nasty little dogooders in the international community use excuses like atrocious crime to persecute American citizens for political reasons.

Somehow, Human Rights Watch doesn't agree and has attempted to debunk some of the Administration's reasons to justify its opposition to the International Criminal court.

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