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Tuesday, July 01, 2003  


This week a Supreme Court decision on affirmative action was made – allowing schools to use race in admissions decisions to support the recruitment of a diverse student body. This means so much for the future physician workforce and the equal care of patients.

There's a story in the Village Voice this week on the Supreme Court's "go with the flow" attitude, along with some interesting history about the Court.

And an op-ed in the Boston Globe about Bush turning the White House into The Apollo (he invited black musicians to perform to celebrate Black Music Month). The author comments "He put blacks folks on the turntable and spun them into soulful senselessness" because Bush equated affirmative action with quotas, and blacks still let him get away with that. In a public statement, our president said ''Quota systems that use race to include or exclude people from higher education and the opportunities it offers are divisive, unfair, and impossible to square with the Constitution.'' He actually made this wrong statement on the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr! Later, after the Supreme Court made its decision, he acted like he was in favor of affirmative action all along and said, "I applaud the Supreme Court for recognizing the value of diversity on our nation's campuses.... Race is a reality in American life.'' The author concludes:

African-American ministers need to think about this the next time Bush wants to come to a church. Entertainers need to think about this the next time they are asked to sing at the White House.

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