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Saturday, August 23, 2003  

Post 9-11 Asbestos? Oops, we meant to tell you NOT to breathe that, really we did.

In the weeks after the World Trade Center disaster, the Environmental Protection Agency falsely led the public to believe that the air in the vicinity was safe to breathe. Why would Christie Todd Whitman do such a thing? Her group was instructed by the White House's National Security Council to do so, according to a report by the EPA's Office of the Inspector General, the agency's internal watchdog. Without adequate knowledge of the potential hazards, hundreds of people cleaned tons of post 9-11 debris without proper protection. Many reports of breathing problems and pulmonary disease have arisen amongst those involved in the rescue and/or cleanup operations in the immediate aftermath.

For those of you who were still under any sort of illusions that federal scientific agencies are immune to manipulation by the Administration, take a look at this report prepared by the Committee on Government Reform. For those who prefer the cliff notes version, make sure to READ the Executive Summary!!

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