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Thursday, December 25, 2003  

'Tis the Season of...Instruction Books!
"The result is that this is no longer the season of good will or gift giving, or even of zero percent interest. It is the season of instructions. Everything has them. Some even come on CD-ROM, with instructions on how to boot up the CD so you can read the instructions. You must already have your computer hooked up to the Internet, in some cases, since the CD only carries instructions for the computer to download animated instructional videos from a server somewhere in the sixth circle of hell. Not to worry. There are instructions on how to connect to the Internet that come with the computer... You are completely on your own. This is not because cheating is discouraged. But although all your neighbors and their therapists will come to your aid if you suffer holiday depression or begin to abuse a substance you thought you had put behind you, no one comforts a person who can't work a cellphone. The pseudo-helpful will quickly arrive. But they will just press a sequence of buttons too fast for you to follow and say: 'Here you are. What's the problem?'"

From "The Getting is Over; The Confusion, Just Starting," New York Times. Great commentary. I think my generation has actually thrown out the instruction book and decided to either learn as we play with a new gadget, or to perform the "randomly press a bunch of buttons and something should work!" game.

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