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Monday, February 16, 2004  

i just came from a meeting with a conservative republican county commissioner from ABQ who helped our health coalition convene a meeting with our CEO today to air our concerns about how money is being spent for indigent care and at the profound lack of professional interpretation. the interesting thing was the alliance between this conservative republican and a bunch of social justice hippie advocates for poor and oppressed people. by the end of the meeting the commissioner was using the "we" work to mean him and us. all politics is local. this guy comes from a wealthy family with a long history in NM. he has a vision and an expectation of what a public hospital is supposed to do and how due process and public debate is supposed to happen. he saw the layers of half-truths our CEO has weaved to alter the mission from service to research and construction. man, our CEO was pissed! :> oh well.

sometimes a shared sense of integrity is worth alot more than ideological snippity hoohah.


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