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Tuesday, February 10, 2004  

The Real World: Sea-Couver!

And we're off! In just a few hours, my friend Braden and I leave for Seattle, and later in the evening will meet up with 12 medical students who will have flown into Seattle, for our Sea-Couver Health Care Systems Study Tour! We've been organizing this at the AMSA office for a few months now, and it's exciting to see that it's coming together! We're going to be in Seattle until friday morning, then we're off to Vancouver for the remainder of the time. We'll be talking to policymakers, physicians, medical students, and patients on both sides of the border, and discussing health care delivery, health disparities, health care quality, medical technology, and pharmaceutical issues in both countries. And check THIS out -- on both sides of the border we're going to give a videocamera to each team of 4 medical students (3 teams total), tell them that they have two hours to creatively get peoples' perceptions of their country's health care system, and say GO! They'll have two hours to be creative and interview people on the street! I know I know you can't wait for the reportback. We'll it'll be all here, when we come back from the trip after this weekend! And we'll be showing this video footage at the AMSA national convention! Perhaps we'll even make a mini-documentary out of it :> Ok now for some sleepytime. Nite!

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