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Wednesday, April 28, 2004  

Some Problems with Democrats

Jonathan Schell has an interesting article in The Nation about some of the spinelessness in the Democratic party, especially around the war issue.

"Such is the archeology of the dilemma that Kerry and the Democratic Party face today. Their flip-flopping, which is real enough, is between the truth as they see it and politics as they know it to be. The party is an antiwar party that dares not speak its name. Its candidate is energized, but with a borrowed energy. He has a backbone, but it is a borrowed backbone...

"The antiwar movement that has lent Kerry and his party this energy and this backbone faces a dilemma, too. On the one hand, it needs Kerry to win, even though he refuses to repent his vote to authorize the war. On the other hand, neither the movement nor Kerry can afford to let the antiwar energies that were and remain a principal source of their hopes and his die down. The movement must persist, independent of Kerry and keeping him or making him honest, yet not opposing him. If truth must be an exile from the mainstream of politics, let it thrive on the margins."

And in Face the Iraq Fiasco, Senator, Robert Scheer's comparison of Kerry's "safe" positions to those of Gore's in the 2000 elections is so telling (and makes me want to vomit -- can't we LEARN from our mistakes? TWO democratic candidates against Dubya who don't end up looking much different from him?)

"In the end, if Kerry is not to become the next Al Gore - triangulating safe positions just this side of a Republican who is probably the most irresponsible American politician in a century - he must challenge President Bush's entire vision, not just his tactics. What Bush is doing in the name of fighting terrorism has nothing to do with making us safer and everything to do with dressing up the grim goals of empire as a grand (and all-too-familiar) experiment in bringing
enlightenment to so-called backward people at gunpoint."

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