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Friday, May 21, 2004  

Back to the Garden State! I'm home again!

Well, I made it! *phew* After exploring the country with nothing but sunglasses, sparring with anti-justice folk, building relationships and creative visions with like-minded folk, and doin' the Anju dance alot, I finally made the move from Reston, VA where I was living this past year, while working at the American Medical Student Association as the Jack Rutledge Fellow for Universal Health Care and Eliminating Health Disparities, to Nutley, New Jersey. (wow, long run-on sentence).

I'm starting up my 4th (and final) year of medical school, at UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School in Newark, NJ. Did I mention that this will be my FINAL year of med school? finally. I'm supposed to be studying for Step 2 of the boards (yikes, after no clinical exposure in the past year except for playing "guess the pharmaceutical company that made this medicine" on long airplane rides -- though that information won't really help me), but it's a bit hard to transition from doing fun cool things around the country to studying for a standardized exam with questions like...oh nevermind. I'll be posting randomly to this site, as I adjust to my new life of studying (the BIG rocks in the jar, as a friend put it) and doing my other shit (producing music, djing, activism) as the little rocks that fill in the spaces). But i ain't kidding anyone, the big rocks are the latter, and i'm trying to fit in the little rocks of studying. Anyway, hopefully more frequent posting as I try to distract myself often from studying in the next month. :>

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