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Monday, June 07, 2004  

Framing universal health care in terms of family values

It's true -- if we ever want to achieve meaningful reform of the health care system, we're going to have to start framing the issues differently. We need to find common ground, because true health care reform is truly American (or at least I believe so). Katha Politt has a piece in The Nation (yes, I've been reading the nation a bit lately), that should pique the interest of compassionate conservatives. An excerpt:

Untreated or inadequately treated illness means stress and anxiety for the whole family. When a patient goes bankrupt, like Mr. M.--and healthcare costs are involved in 50 percent of bankruptcies, which have risen 400 percent in the past twenty-five years--the whole family suffers. Conservatives are always worrying about divorce--what about divorce as triggered by the financial and emotional stresses of uninsured illness? Maybe universal coverage could be sold as a family value.

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