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Friday, June 25, 2004  

Gut reactions to an outsourcing piece

I can't help feeling like this outsourcing piece, published on Father's Day, will instill more feelings of hatred towards Indian people, or other people who are gaining work that Americans used to perform. It seems our emotions are being called to the wrong enemy -- people in other countries benefiting from "globalization" (something that America has been benefiting from for many years now). I absolutely understand the anger of middle-to-upper class people losing their high-tech jobs (and the anger of many blue collar workers who have been dealing with this phenomen for MANY more years, at least since NAFTA started 10 years ago), but shouldn't the anger instead be placed on the U.S. companies that are doing the outsourcing and not providing new jobs for their workers, or the government for its policies, not the individual people of another color in another country?

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