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Thursday, June 10, 2004  

Protestor faces charges more serious than the criminals

So the story goes -- a 21 year old Boston College student stood outside an Army recruitment center, wearing a black hooded sheet and holding thin wires that were connected to a crate he was standing on (obviously portraying the Abu Ghraib torture as street theater -- he has caught on early in life that this is more effective than many other forms of action). He stood there for an hour, and then the police arrived. I understand that they need to be suspicious of possible bomb threats, especially with wires connected to things. But they did not even warn him that he could be arrested, and...

Within hours he was facing charges more serious than any US soldier is facing for their role in the actual prison abuse in Iraq. Previtera was charged with three crimes: disturbing the peace, possession of a hoax device and making a false bomb threat. If convicted he could face years in prison.

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