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Monday, June 07, 2004  


Explained as "replacing your presence, not your knowledge or cognitive function", Johns Hopkins researchers found that a robot that visits patients' rooms in a hospital, with a television screen that allows physicians to remotely interact with patients, has been a wild success.

Wow. This sounds like the coolest thing since sliced bread! While reading this article, I found myself listing ways in which this could be used positively -- including checking on patients in the evenings when doctors are home, being able to more frequently answer patients' questions (relieving them of unnecessary anxiety too), allowing resident physicians to have more humane working hours (they can interact from home too!), and allowing for better transition of patients from one physician to another (both the new doc and the patient can be in the room, while the old doc is on remote tv helping them through). I think i'm too excited about it right now to think of ways in which a robo-doc system could be abused. THIS is the future of medicine that *I'm* excited about.

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