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Monday, June 14, 2004  

THAT explains...oh, nevermind

Interesting story -- women may be more likely to have sex on the 6 most fertile days of their menstrual cycle, EVEN when they're not trying to get pregnant. A study in the journal Human Reproduction shows that in a group of women who had tubal ligations or were using intrauterine devices (clever study -- they tested only those who were not looking to get pregnant), the women had sex an average of .34 times a day (1 in 3 chance of having sex that day) during the 6 days in their cycle in which they could most easily get pregnant, versus having sex an average of .27 times a day other days of the month (24% decreased chance these days). Seems like there's a hormonal relationship here. That's another downside of having unprotected sex when you're not looking to get pregnant -- the odds are AGAINST you. I always we women had cpatterns of increased libido, but my friends didn't believe me. Now i've got EVIDENCE!

So it's also good news that the number of employer-provided health insurance plans that cover birth control pills and other contraceptive devices shot up in the past decade. Supposedly, Viagra's immediate coverage (1998) under several plans provoked outrage from women that contraception wasn't covered (contraceptive drugs were regarded as "lifestyle drugs"). Also, I didn't know this -- In 2000, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ruled that employers who did not provide health insurance that covered contraceptives in prescription drug could be charged with sex discrimination. As someone in the article mentioned, it really IS in the health insurance company's interest to provide low-cost contraception rather than provide more expensive pregnancy or abortion coverage (or health effects from either) later.

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