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Monday, July 12, 2004  

Terrorizing the Elections

There's lotsa talk now about allowing a 4 person commission to decide if we should postpone the federal elections this November, in case of a terrorist attack.

After watching Fahrenheit 9/11, I was enraged that not one Senator (which is all that it would have taken) could come to the aid of the thousands of disenfranchised voters, and to the aid of the Representatives from the Congressional Black Caucus who called for a senator to sign the request to redo the election. In response to my outrage, a few of my friends tried to rationalize the situation with me and explain that pushing off the elections in 2000 by a few months would have thrown the House of Reps and Senators into a tough situation, etc etc, and that this had never been done before (postponing of the presidential election), so they took the "safe" route. (Remember, Kerry and Edwards were among that bunch...they better EARN black peoples' votes, not just assume they've got 'em in their pockets).

And this is what enrages me even further about this new issue. Back in 2000, the fact that Gore actually won the elections and that thousands were not able to vote (a basic right provided by our very constitution), was not enough to redo the elections. We allowed our leaders to stand in the way of democracy. We can't allow that to happen once again. We had a REAL reason to redo and postpone the elections in 2000, and we didn't pursue it. We'd better have a BETTER reason this time (and the possible threat of a terror attack maybe kinda possibly oh-wait-theres-no-evidence-but-if-we-scare-the-electorate-enough-they'll-vote-for-bush, just aint a good reason).

To sum up, fafblog's post on this issue is telling: "Remember, after all, that in these days it is the darkest enemies of democracy we face, and in the war to defeat them, we cannot let democracy stand in the way."

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