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Friday, August 06, 2004  

Blogitol -- conquer those feelings of guilt about not-blogging!

I don't think I've reached the point of feeling guilty (yet) about not posting more often to this blog, though I could see it happening sometime in the future. Posting on "to the teeth" is somewhat therapeutic for me, and also allows me (sometimes, when i'm not typing stream-of-conscious-ly) to organize my thoughts and try to write well. But when I don't get to it, I don't get to it. At least I try to keep my daily reading of things newsworthy alive (and that's therapeutic for an otherwise solely-med-school-focused day).

Jay Smooth discusses the guilt factor in blogging, as he refers to the Blogville for Dummies manual. I agree with him that I often don't have time to expound on an article I find fascinating or thought-provoking, and don't consider it right to just link to the article... and by the next day it's too late, I've got 13 more article I'd like to expound on. And so on and so forth. Sometimes I wonder why the articles that I end up posting to "to the teeth" make the hit versus the other many that I read that don't. The posts that show up are all over the place, quite a lack of focus (but hey, that's me. Some say lack of focus, I say "big picture" is cool). On the other hand, Andru's posts to the site are much more focused, which is real nice.

And Jay Smooth has a brilliant idea for a drug that pharmaceutical companies can create (I'm sure there's an ever growing market for it!) -- Blogitol, or something to stop that feelin' o' guilt and shame for not blogging for a bit.

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