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Friday, August 06, 2004  

Misleading on abortion disguised as abortion services

A few years ago, a friend of mine discovered, from a patient she was treating, that several businesses listed in the yellow pages under "Abortion services" are actually centers designed to convince (and sometimes guilt) women into not having an abortion, and centers that do not provide abortions and refuse to refer to centers that do. This was bothersome to us. We decided to call up a few sites listed under abortion services in our yellow pages, and talk to some of these centers, but we never carried through with it.

Finally, a precedent has been set -- Tom at healthlawblog posted about a man who was ordered to stop his "abortion services" business of pretending he was making appointments with abortion providers, for women who called his service, and instead purposefully postponed these appointments until the patients passed the time limit to legally get an abortion (24 weeks, in Louisiana). In my opinion, the penalty imposed (ordering the man to stop his business) is not enough -- he should be more severely penalized for this.

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