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Sunday, August 15, 2004  

Spreading our "floridation" to Venezuela

Greg Palast has a frightening column on how the Bush Administration is doing business with ChoicePoint, the company that sold voter files to our governemnt (with the erroneous felon lists in Florida). The U.S. paid ChoicePoint $67 billion of our taxpayer money (in another no-bid deal) to buy private voter information for all citizens of several countries around the world(isn't it illegal to sell or buy private voter information on all citizens of another country?). These countries, interestingly, are not the countries we think are harboring terrorists, they're democratic countries that are not ecstatic about Bush's globalization agenda. One of these countries is Venezuela, which is having a recall election TODAY on its president, Hugo Chavez -- a man who Selma James states has "achieved a level of grassroots participation our politicians can only dream of".

Selma James' article has much more on Venezuela's recent reforms, including women's rights, health care, and redistribution of wealth from the oil reserves that Venezuela sits atop. No wonder Chavez is so popular (and also why he's so hated by many). Election results should be coming up shortly...

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