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Thursday, October 07, 2004  

Another low for antiabortion advocates -- docs targeted again

Today's Kaiser Daily Reproductive Health Report has the latest physician-harassment story:

Antiabortion advocates in Wichita, Kan., have been sending letters to the neighbors of an Oakland, Calif., abortion provider who travels to Kansas for one week each month to perform abortions, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Residents living within several blocks of Dr. Shelley Sella have received the letters, which are postmarked from Wichita and say that Sella "is perpetuating the American Holocaust" and "bringing the shame of bloodguilt on her neighborhood," according to the Chronicle. Sella works for a Planned Parenthood affiliate in Contra Costa County, Calif., and Women's Health Care Services in Wichita, which has been "singled out" for protests by Operation Rescue West, according to the Chronicle. The letters include pamphlets produced by Life Dynamics of Denton, Texas, that refer to Planned Parenthood as "Klan Parenthood" and say that Planned Parenthood is involved in a "genocide against African-American babies," according to the Chronicle. Operation Rescue West President Troy Newman, who is a resident of Wichita, said he "would neither confirm nor deny" that his group mailed the letters, but he said the group "support[s] exposing babykillers 100%." Newman said that Sella "comes to our neighborhood to kill babies, so we think it's appropriate that we tell her neighbors what she does for a living," adding, "We feel it's just like notifying neighbors of a sex offender under Megan's Law."

..."I want the world to know that abortionists can't just go and hide in the godless, liberal San Francisco Bay Area," Newman said.

Now, as if this harassment wasn't enough, this Operation Rescue group has been meddling in Dr. Sella's love life in godless San Francisco:

Operation Rescue West has obtained documentation that a California abortionist employed by late-term abortion specialist George Tiller, was in Wichita on Valentine’s Day weekend aborting pre-born babies, then returned to California and was “married” to her lesbian lover in a San Francisco ceremony a day later...

In an ironic twist, Sella married a midwife, Julie Litwin, in the presence of Litwin’s seven-year old son, Noah Lani. Midwives deliver babies while abortionists kill them...

“People like to say that what people do in their bedrooms is no one’s business, but they forget that actions, even private ones, bear consequences. One who can commit such immoral acts as murdering a helpless child in the womb and homosexuality is a depraved individual whose sinful conduct will certainly corrupt others, just as a small about of leaven spreads through the entire lump of dough. We are asking for Christians everywhere to pray for the repentance and salvation of abortionist Shelley Sella, her lesbian lover Julie Litwin, and especially for divine protection for young Noah.” -Cheryl Sullenger, Operation Rescue West

If you find yourself incensed and want to share your thoughts with Operation Rescue, here's their contact information.

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