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Friday, October 15, 2004  

How can we talk about other countries' human rights abuses if we support the use of landmines?

We stand with just a few other countries (often known as "rogue" countries by our leaders) in not signing the International Treaty to Ban Landmines. 80% of the US public is in favor of banning these awful, civilian-killing machines. The U.S. refuses to sign the treaty. Check out PHR's wonderful flash animation on the issue, and sign a petition there too (it takes all of 30 seconds). If thousands and thousands sign this, we can tell our presidential candidates that we the people demand we pay attention to human rights issues.

Check out the rest of their campaign's work, they've got an amazing website and fabulous folks leading the campaign in the US (you can sign up for email updates too, they're really informative). A few years ago, in my first year of medical school, a bunch of us saw an absolutely amazing 15 minute video on landmines, that PHR sent us for our chapter to show. It was mindblowing, brought us all to tears. It's really unconscionable for our country to not sign this treaty...we can't talk about human rights abuses in other countries if we support this type of activity.

If you're moved by the cause, throw up a link to the petition and flashvideo on your site or email the petition's site to your friends. Or contribute some $$$ to the cause (info on their website).

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