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Monday, November 22, 2004  

Everybody is Digging up something in Albuquerque

We're digging for public information and accountability:
On Wed, Nov 17th my team announced support for a lawsuit against our public hospital by the new mexico center on law and poverty. the lawsuit seeks public data and public information that can help our community understand and engage responsibly in health policy negotiations with the public hospital administrators. for almost two years, the CEO has delayed, denied or given superficial useless data and information to our community group, obstructing a real conversation about health care priorities, investments, public accountability, investment in health promotion and prmary care in balance with tertiary care...

They are digging a huge financial hole disguised as a new hospital wing:
Ironically, and unplanned by us, the hospital had their own press conference on the same day associated with a ground breaking ceremony for a new $235 million hospital wing housing 80 new beds. this has been advertised and sold to the public as a "women's and children's pavillion" and was given the official name of our governor, the Bill Richardson Pavillion. So since we had a crowd with us in the morning, we decided to crash their party. About thirty women and children and some advocates joined the celebration with signs and shouts for healthcare for all and equal access for uninsured. PAID BY ALL! MADE FOR ALL?

Some of the more audacious and brave women walked all the way to the front of the event where the governor and hospital board were seated on stage. they carryied their signs quietly while the speaker just kept on talking, with barely a quaver in his voice. here were all these women and children who couldn't even get access to the clinics, let alone a new "women's and chilren's pavillion." it was one of the most amazing sights. the security guards couldn't really throw us out and make a tense situation worse. and besides, once they figured out why we were there, some even supported us and helped by taking groups photos of us with our cameras. :> the people united...

the level of hypocrisy was so thick i needed earplugs and pressure point therapy to control my nausea. for the poets out there, this fact should sum up the metaphorical relationship of this leadership and administrative team to reality: they did a ground breaking ceremony on the top floor of a parking structure.

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