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Friday, December 10, 2004  

Blog enhancement and sperm reduction?

At Inside the Mind of Madness, Abhi reflects:

Sometimes we just get so caught up in our lives that a certain selfishness takes over. I never meant to hurt them. It is important that you, my compassionate readers, believe me. You think that you are doing the right thing by blogging, by bringing your ramblings to a willing audience while you are still relevant in this mad world. You protect your friends and family by not revealing any personal information about them and by not putting them in the position to have to admit they know you. Then all of a sudden you realize that all the time you've been blogging you have been hurting those closest to you. The injustice of it all. You women out there just won't understand. How could you? Some things men must face alone. I don't know really know many I've hurt. Years from now I might find out.

What's all this about? Well, he's lamenting the possible loss of sperm from using a laptop. For those of the Abhi (male) variety, it seems that the heat generated from sitting with legs together and from the heat of a laptop on your lap can increase your scrotal temperature, from which it could be inferred could reduce the viability of some of the little sperm (obviously further studies would have to be conducted to see if there is significant reduction of sperm, etc). But for the soon-to-be-docs out there, a new screening question (and preventive counseling) has been devised (to add to the gazillion others):

"In the questionnaires that I give to my patients before I see them, I ask if they use hot baths or a sauna, and I tell them that they should stop it if they are trying to conceive," [Dr. Sheynkin] said. "I am now going to start asking if they use laptop computers."

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