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Tuesday, December 14, 2004  

Only girlie-men listen to nurses who doth protest

Governor Schwarzenegger of California thinks he's tough shit. Yup, he put some nurses in their place, as they were protesting at a women and families conference that big ol' gov was speaking at:

"Pay no attention to those voices," the muscleman governor told the audience at the conference. "Those are special interests. They're just angry because I kick their butts everyday."

Who was he talking about? Nurses from the California Nurses Association, who were protesting his executive order against important nurse-to-patient ratios in the hospital. A law was passsed in California in 1999 requiring that nurses have a regulated maximum number of patients to care for simultaneously in the hospital. Those of us who work in the hospitals know that nurses have the absolute TOUGHEST jobs, and that fewer patients per nurse translates often into better patient care and healthier patients. California's hospitals have had 5 years to translate this law into action, and Gov Schwarzenneger recently signed an executive order (caving into lobbing from BIGGER special interests -- the hospital associations) to block this law from going into effect.

Rose Ann DeMoro, executive director of the California Nurses Association has a fire quote: "We expect more from the state's top officer than just pre-pubescent comments and blatant pandering to corporate donors."

The California Healthcare Association (a special interest which represents hospitals) has even put together an ad commending the Gov on his executive order.

Check out the California Nurses Association's website for information on actions you can take, and share the site with your friends in california!

Russell Mokhibir and Robert Weissman have more on this issue in their article on the Gov. and special interests. This is a patient issue, and nurses and docs as well as patients can speak our minds to the tough guy gov. And we've got to start breaking down this double-edge that many conservatives have -- looking like they're not for special interests while pandering to the anti-patient ones every day.

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