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Monday, February 28, 2005  

Health insurance - "mandatory" versus "mandatory"?

What's the difference between "mandatory health insurance" and a tax-funded system of health insurance for all? Nathan Newman, one of my favorite bloggers, takes Judge Posner and conservatives to task on this:

The phobia of conservatives against taxes is often bizarre, since they'll impose the equivalent on the population, but do anything to label it a fee, a fine, or, ahem, mandatory health insurance, a solution to the health care crisis in the view of conservative judge Richard Posner. He argues that forcing people to pay for health insurance is a better alternative than "socialized medicine," but, really, what's the difference?

Posner even supports government subsidies to pay for the health care of the poor, so you have a system where some people pay a large percentage of their income to pay for government-mandated payments for health care and others pay very little. Seems to quack like a tax to me...

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