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Saturday, March 05, 2005  

A simple how-to guide for "starving the beast"

1. Cut taxes, claiming a scary budget surplus if taxes aren't cut.

2. Spend money unwisely, on unnecessary ventures (like wiping out people in another country, or like not allowing the government to negotiate on drug prices for a government drug program), line the pockets of corporations.

3. Create a striking budget deficit.

4. Employ "Bait-and-switch": Have your economic hit-man state in all his wisdom that reversing the tax cuts is NOT the smart way to fiscally smart budget-balancing, and have him present the better solution of cutting social programs such as social security, medicare and medicaid.

5. Present private social security accounts and health savings accounts as the answer to all Americans' problems.

6. Employ "divide and conquer" techniques: for example, encourage doctors, lawyers, and patients to fight amongst themselves about low medicaid reimbursements and tort reform.

Thanks to Paul Krugman's "Deficits and Deceit" for the clarity, and Tom Toles' cartoon from 03/04/05 (3, 4, 5!).

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