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Monday, April 18, 2005  

Freaks come out at night (carnival of the uncapitalists)

I had no idea how many carnivals exist online these days. There's a carnival of the cats and a carnival of the dogs; a carnival of the medical folks and a carnival of the indian folks; a carnival of the capitalists and a carnival of the revolutions...and even a carnival of the carnivals.

Well why not a carnival of the uncapitalists? Fret not, there is one! The carnival of the uncapitalists focuses on the "excesses of capitalism and its alternatives" (not the benefits of communism, as some jumpy readers may interpret such a gathering of views). Check out THIS week's edition, on "Markets and Health", hosted by the wonderful Lindsay at Majikthise. Two of the many fascinating posts -- Charles Todd's a right to enchiladas and Effect Measure's it's a bit like farming.

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