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Friday, April 01, 2005  

Storming the Castle

Two interesting developments in our local efforts to redirect the resources of our public hospital away from privatization back towards its intended mission to serve the uninsured.

1. another community minded public health person, who is also trained as a physician, was appointed to the clinical operations board by the county by a 4-1 vote early this week. This is another dynamic, intelligent, passionate woman, bilingual, who can challenge the CEO on his plans to push out the uninsured to "improve the payer mix." which by the way if you are new to health policy, these are the buzz words of racism and classism in healthcare. "IMPROVE THE PAYOR MIX." If you hear someone saying that, coming from a non-profit or public system, ask them what it means and don't stop asking until it becomes clear to them that these are fighting words, not neutral economic principles.

2. someone from inside the hospital started an email petition to expel the CEO of the hospital. the text of the letter is included below.

Dear Andru,

From: A Friend


1. Morale in the University of New Mexico Hospital (UNMH) is at an all time low.
2. Quality of patient care at UNMH has deteriorated.
3. Budgetary shortfalls are attributed to uninsured and indigent patients, while UNMH administration accepts no responsibility.
4. The UNMH CEO, Steve McKernan, is paid over $300,000 and received a 20% raise this year. (Daily Lobo, March 25, 2005). We feel strongly that Steve McKernan must be removed. While his departure will not immediately solve the Hospital's financial and operational crises, it will immediately improve staff morale and will open the door for innovative solutions and positive change.

To demonstrate your support for the removal of Mr. McKernan, proceed as follows:
1. Reply to: replacestevemckernan@yahoo.com.
2. Type your name, title and/or profession, followed by “AGREED”.
3. Click send.

Ultimately, this petition will be presented to the Bernalillo County Commission as well as the University of New Mexico Board of Regents. If you wish, send your own personal perspectives on Mr. McKernan and UNMH to replacestevemckernan@yahoo.com. All perspectives will be compiled and delivered to the Commission and the Regents. Names will be kept confidential.

Please forward this petition to colleagues and friends who share your interest in saving UNMH from disaster.

We'll see what happens next.

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