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Tuesday, July 26, 2005  

Do they make t-shirts for this?

So, I am post-post call today (I was on call two nights ago). I survived my first on-call night of residency! Somehow I feel accomplished -- not because I saved any lives, not because I even came close to "managing" the babies in the intermediate-risk nursery overnight, but because...well, I just survived. Do they have t-shirts for this?

When I was on-call, all of a sudden, I was the doctor. The nurses in the pediatric nursery (where I'm now doing a month's rotation) paged me a few times during the night, and I had to make decisions on the spot, in the dark of the call-room while I was on the phone with them, or down in the peds nursery while checking out a baby the nurses had a concern about. I can usually sleep through everything, so carrying a pager on my person while sleeping in a dark call-room was something I was concerned about. Despite my body being so sleep-deprived, I found myself almost out of bed and on the phone calling the peds nursery within 3 seconds of receiving my pages. Concern #1 was easily addressed. Let's see how I do with the ol' pager once i'm even more sleep deprived, a few months more into the year.

Concern #2 related to my decision-making on a peds nursery in the middle of the night. Didn't sweat it too much -- if there was something I could deal with, I did. If I didn't know how to deal with a situation, I had a great 2nd year resident who I could page, who would help make decisions. In one night, I learned so much, and still got almost 3 hours of sleep. And the babies are so damn cute, how can you not love a month of this?

For any residents or post-residency folks reading this, my question to you is this (click on the comments section below to throw down your thoughts): What do you do when you're post call and have an afternoon and evening to yourself but are exhausted? I took a short nap and was determined to enjoy the rest of the day, but I was wiped out. I ended up relaxing and hanging out with my brother, which was definitely sweet, but i'm curious what others enjoy doing post-call. Sleep all afternoon, evening, and night? Shake your booty, drink in the early evening, and fall into a drunken stupor at 8 pm before heading to bed? Have lots of sex? (several of the male residents I worked with on one medical school rotation talked about their seriously increased libido after 36 hours awake and working in a hospital. Weird, huh. After my right ankle is completely healed (still tending to a high ankle sprain), I'm hoping to go running on the beach or work out at the gym after call, as I find there's a small 30min to 1 hour 30 min period of an energy high after call, and then...a serious crash in energy. And now, it's bedtime for me, or else I'll be exhausted on my post-post-post call day (which means my pre-call day since we are on-call overnight every 4th day).

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Congratulations!! Best of luck.

# posted by Blogger Saheli : 7/27/2005 7:36 PM  

Thanks for posting during your post post.

# posted by Blogger two_dishes : 8/02/2005 9:22 PM  

Well, this post call day entailed hanging out in central park listening to MIA. Not what I thought I would be doing when I woke up at 2pm this afternoon, but it was a nice surprise anyway. The only problem with a post-call day is knowing I have a few crying babies to take care of in the morning!

# posted by Anonymous Braden : 8/07/2005 7:33 PM  

well, i'm a few months late, but i am post-call today. i got 3 hrs of sleep after waiting and waiting for a KUB on a baby with NEC. no perf, so all is well. so now, i'm catching up on my blog-reading and discovered your blog. awesome.
love the ani reference.
anyway, i find the post-post-call days to be worse than the post-call days. not sure why, but the exhaustion just creeps in like fog.

# posted by Blogger girl MD : 1/15/2006 9:34 AM  

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