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Sunday, July 31, 2005  

Driving in a plane

Today, on a flight back to Los Angeles from San Francisco, where I was visiting my wonderful friend Nicole over the weekend, the flight attendants were cracking me up. Almost every time i've flown southwest, the flight attendants have been hilarious and full of spunk. Today, though, we landed at LAX and the plane was driving around the airport, looking for "parking" as many flights do after hitting the ground. After about five minutes of this activity, a flight attendant announced on the intercom, "See, you get cheap tickets to fly with us, and then we fly you half the way and drive you the other half!"

I almost spit out the water i was drinking at the time.

Another day and night on-call tomorrow, lots of babies to pick up from deliveries and babies to take care of in the peds nursery. I'm learning so much it's outta control. I've got stories from my last on-call night (right before heading up to san francisco for the weekend) and fun experiences to share from my trip to SF (I'm rejuvenated after spending some quality time with my best buddy from medical school, and after enjoying some serious live music). More to come, after I'm post-call Tuesday afternoon/evening...

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Just passing through, I'm digging the blog by the way.

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