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Thursday, July 21, 2005  

Welcome to LA

Facts from Harper's Index, a feature of Harper's Magazine, July 2005 issue:

Number of Americans who spend more than a quarter of their income on health care: 14,300,000

Estimated amount that illegal immigrants pay into Social Security each year: $6,400,000,000

Recent experiences in my Family medicine residency and in Los Angeles:

Number of times that I've seen, in my two weeks of my Emergency Medicine rotation at Harbor-UCLA (a county hospital that does NOT turn patients away because of lack of health insurance), an acute severely painful situation, often requiring EMERGENT surgery, in which a patient was denied quality health care from another hospital's ER that he/she presented to that day or the day before because he/she did not have health insurance: 4 ... and counting ...

Number of times the Minutemen from Arizona and Ventura County have successfully shown their numbers against people of the City of Angels: 0 ... and counting ... (check out Immigrant Solidarity and Indymedia LA)


Anyway, i'm back! back online, back on track, back in the sunshine. It's been a few months since i've posted on To the Teeth... months of debauchery, education, and many new inside jokes with many new friends. More posts to come (hopefully daily), on moving to Los Angeles from New Jersey, settin' up shop (renting a house), settin' up shop (starting my family medicine residency at a great program that's about both clinical medicine and sustainable community health/organizing), and settin' up shop (healing myself and rockin' out in LA). Word.

And I HAVE to share one last fact from Harper's Index from July 2005 (I *heart* Harper's Magazine):

Percent of Bill Frist's medical school class that sent him a letter accusing him of misusing his degree: 18.

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welcome back!!!

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