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Thursday, September 01, 2005  

my health insurance premium rose 100%

that's double for those of us not so good at math.

and how does this relate to the cost of inflation?

i pay for a catastrohpic health plan in case of injury or major illness. when i called the company (Celtic) to inquire as to why this amazing increase, the guy laughed at my frustration and told me it was all legal and approved by my state. so i called the state insurance guy who does the approvals. he's someone i met once a few years ago. he concurred that he did approve the increase, that he thought it was sad, said something about magnitude versus percent... and then commented that this is what we get when we live in a capitalistic society and his job isn't to question fairness, just to follow the formulas which are based on calculations on cost of increase from around the country. it was quite an interesting conversation. his advice to me, heartfelt, was to shop around. i'm healthy, he said, so i have the luxury of finding the best price.

nevermind that this same increase will be felt by families more strapped than me, by folks struggling with illness. that sums it up. capitalism in healthcare works well for healthy people with strong financial backing.

i'm on the verge of foregoing health insurance all-together to join in solidarity with the many and growing ranks of the uninsured. i was trying to be a responsible citizen and take care of myself. i'll have to think about it a bit more. i have until november to decide before this new premium takes effect.


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You need to look at the profits for the execs at the top of that company. Then you will really blow a gasket. This info is public information and you can get it at the security exchange commission's web site. Do you know the parent corporation that administers your insurance?

# posted by Blogger DrDiSaia : 9/26/2005 6:30 PM  

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