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Sunday, November 06, 2005  

The California Special Election, or simply, "I'm voting with her"

I've always voted in New Jersey or NYC, so transferring my voting to California was a big step for me. I procrastinated on doing the transfer, but i'm so glad that I did. This special election tomorrow is BIG. As a healthcare provider, I'm extra interested in a few of the propositions (proposition 73 and 78 are especially frightening), but as a citizen of the United States i'm interested in ALL of them, because they all have serious repercussions.

I'm voting with Shari (who writes at An Old Soul), and thousands of other voters in this election -- NIX on the first SIX, and Yes on Proposition 79. Shari's posted a great deal on the special election, and all her posts are really worth reading, but I've gotta link to this must read one from a few days ago. Definitely check it out if you'll be voting, for the in-staters, or watching from the stands, for you out-o-towners (can i say that now?)

I thought her newly dubbed titles of the propositions were hilarious, so i'll rewrite the titles here, but check out her full post.

Prop. 73: The Secret Weapon to Get Out the Conservative Base Initiative.

Prop. 74: The Confuse the Issue by Blaming and Punishing New Teachers Initiative.

Prop. 75: The Let's Make Sure Corporations Destroy the People's Voice in Sacramento Initiative.

Prop. 76: The Destroy Public Schools and Make the Governor an Emperor Initiative.

Prop. 77: Let's get Three Retired Judges Appointed by Republican Governors to Redistrict California Initiative.

Prop. 78: The Big Pharma's Weak Effort to Look Good Initiative.

Prop. 79: The Big Pharma Hates This One So There Must Be Something Interesting Going On Initiative.

When I moved to California, I thought nothing could be crazier than New Jersey politics...

(cross-posted at Los Anjalis, Anjali's new personal blog for posts serious AND silly).

posted by Anjali Taneja | 11/06/2005 11:55:00 PM | |


Hmph. I'm looking for help on 80, and that's you didn't say anything about. :-)

Welcome to California, again. ;-)

# posted by Blogger Saheli : 11/08/2005 1:26 PM  

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