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Sunday, November 27, 2005  

Reality news and entertaining politics

I Love the way Adrienne Marie Brown (a cool cat) answers the age old question: Why do you think youth are apathetic about political involvement?
I don’t want to point fingers, but media giveth and media taketh away. This past year media has really tapped youth away from politics. It was already such a blow when Bush the Lesser ended up president, and before we could catch our breath there was 9/11, and before we could heal there was war, and now it’s like, well what the hell can I do, throw my nubile young soul in front of that right radical? For the majority of young folk the answer is No! So instead, young people turn to TV and magazines and movies and video games and celebrities and all that. The Patriot Act passed under the veil of NBA Finals. Joe Millionaire’s battling ladies were engaged in the only ‘war’ given fair coverage. Hey, people need entertainment, I am not against reality shows, I watch them sometimes. But what about reality news? That would be so cool. And what about entertaining politics?

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