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Thursday, February 23, 2006  

Volunteers Rock!

The last year has been an amazing journey building this new clinic.we've managed to sustain ourselves thru fair prices, support three part-time practitioners and do a lot of high quality, integrated health care. none of it would have been possible without the help o our volunteers. we have volunteers working with us on two different levels - massage therapists and receptionists.

Massage Therapists:
Jennifer and Matthew have both volunteered their time with us to care for very poor, stressed out people, most of whom have never had body work in their lives. we send them whole families! they have both made time each week for 3 hours and we are so appreciative, as are our patients. the best story i've heard so far is a woman who came in thinking she had gall bladdder disease, months of terrible abdomenal pain, and after a single massage session, she had lost 20 years of age, her pain had dissolved, and she was ready to dance. :>

Bianca, Glenda, Camila, Laura and Lorenzo are our volunteer receptionists. They each give 2-4 hours per week hanging out in the clinic with us, answering phones, greeting the patients, and learning how to take vital signs, give shots, recognize sick people, and understand the funky pricing/injustice in the health care world. Many of our volunteers are pre-med or pre-nursing and very eager to learn all aspects of clinical medicine. And each brings their own flavor and knowledge that helps our patients - from herbs to WIC to preventive health.

While i'm at it, i need to say something about our two work-study students. They aren' volunteers, but their diverse services are indispensible - from reception to health literacy projects to coordination of donations. Ocelotl has been with us for about 5 months, has brought a level of professionalism and compassion to the job, and has helped us develoandrup an understanding of how to navigate the local lab to get our patients the best prices. Rose just started last week. She has a strong interest in nutrition and natural medicine.

The Family Practice Office is blessed to be part of a growing team of creative, dedicated people at all phases and stages of education.


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