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Saturday, April 08, 2006  

Country Boy...

yesterday i had a great time. i rented a large trailer, hitched it up to my veggie oil burning diesel pickup truck, drove over to another town and picked up a donation of 5 antique (used) medical exam tables. had to load them with the help of the medical assistant. he just kept saying, "see, if you have a Mexican you can do anything." i kept trying to respond, "hey, what am i, chopped liver, it helps to have a Jewish doctor also!" i was grunting those 500 pound tables right next to this dude. :>

but the really fun part was learning how to drive in reverse with a trailer. finally, all those years of organic chemistry helped! trying to imagine what direction that trailer was going to try to go in based on the direction i turned the wheel, it felt like inverted logic and fischer projections.

unfortunately, the only thing doctors really want to get rid of are older exam tables and the oldschool scales so i'm full up on those items and am starting to outfit other free clinics and independent doctors.

now, a new opportunity is presenting itself. a local hospital, owned by a multinational dork corporation, is threatening to close. too many poor people, not enough profit. i'm wondering what they are going to do with all their older medical supplies and i'm sending in agents to see if we can't capture some of their stuff before they throw it away. companies like that almsot never take the time to recycle or donate their equipment. it's more efficient to haul it all to a landfill.


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let's takeover the hospital that's closing. imagine the possibilities...

...you country boy...

# posted by Blogger Anjali Taneja : 4/11/2006 10:15 PM  

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