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Monday, June 05, 2006  

Taking a walk down "HMO Row"...

I'm posting the following because it's a great example of a creatively planned event (not because I expect totheteeth readers to trek over to the san fernando valley, ca -- but if you can, go go go!). It's really exciting to see a health care reform event utilizing education, direct action, and creative filming:
On Wednesday, June 7, nurses, patients and healthcare activists will host a Walking Tour of 'HMO Row' in Woodland Hills. Join us for a short, guided tour of several insurance company office buildings, with descriptions of the harm these corporations are doing to patients as we advocate for Medicare for All-a national bill (HR 676) authored by Rep. John Conyers (MI), and a California state bill (SB 840) authored by Sen. Sheila Kuehl.

Please come and support this San Fernando Valley event for Universal Health Care.

Wednesday, June 7
11:00 AM
Blue Cross Headquarters
Corner of Owensmouth and Oxnard
Woodland Hills, California
Parking available at the mall by AMC Theaters.

Come shortly before 11:00 AM, since the event will begin promptly.
Don Schroeder will be filming this event and Doris Nelson will be speaking for SB 840 representing HCA.

Hope to see you,

John Glass
Outreach Coordinator
Health Care for All-San Fernando Valley Chapter
If you can come, please let me know at jglasshouse@earthlink.net

Or call the California nurses association -- 818.637.7115 or 510.273.2202

posted by Anjali Taneja | 6/05/2006 07:14:00 PM | |


I actually do live in the SF Valley and will definitely spread the word about this event. Thanks for posting it!!!

# posted by Anonymous Jen : 6/10/2006 7:46 PM  

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